Book Review: Bankable Business Plans for Entrepreneurial Ventures


So, I’ve read a few books on business plans. This one… was a nice reminder, and I enjoyed reading the intro, but let’s not forget that the general idea now is 2017 is that business plans are not useful for presenting to investors.

Business plans aren’t useful for soliciting investors, but are they useful for anything else? As this book also says, it’s good to organize your thoughts to have a general idea of what you are doing, but business plans get all the numbers wrong all of the time. And most of the ideas on business plans are inapplicable or obsolete as soon as you start implementing it. From page one. So, basically you should write and discard the business plan.

Is this book worth reading? No. You should read one book on business plans in general, maybe this one, maybe some other one, and move on to next topics.

How to improve battery life on ubuntu and a mac

I just want to point out two tools that were helpful in improving the battery life on my Ubuntu.

First, a few words about batteries. On my 2012 Macbook pro, I just replaced the battery and am quite happy with the result. Even though the battery is glued to the chassis and the repair task is rated “hard,” it’s not that hard.

Use this method to replace the battery:

Note: tooth floss didn’t work for me… it would break. I used some translucent thread found at home depot.

Note: soaking the thread in 99% alcohol was critical! Without the alcohol, the thread would not cut through the glue. With alcohol, the thread cut through the glue easily.

And so.. replacing a glued-on battery on a macbook pro is not actually difficult. About 1 hour of work. Make sure that you have the specific proprietary Apple screwdrivers, the pentalobe.

As for Ubuntu power savings… ubuntu doesn’t have the reputation for great power management. However, these two tools helped me out:

sudo tlp stat

sudo powertop

The powertop ^ has “tunables” tab (press TAB repeatedly, press up/down to select the tunable that says “Bad” and press ENTER), enabling which allows you to get some better life out of your battery.

I might also note that the Dell Latitude e7440 has a removable battery, and I carry an extra one around, allowing me to work twice longer without hugging the wall. Just saying, no complaints about that hardware.