Tech Hubs in United States

Where do you look for a tech job, if you are physically in the United States? Here’s a graphic that helps answer that question. Now, this being sourced from LinkedIn, the information may not be 100% accurate, and the interpretation of the info may be tricky. But at least we see which areas have a heavy sector, and prospective job seekers can look into them. Yes, Washington DC has a massive tech sector.


Chef Kung Fu


Chef Style DevOps Kung fu

This repository defines Chef Style DevOps Kung fu.

It includes a presentation you can give, or ask people to watch, which explains what DevOps is, and defines a style of practice that comes from the lived experience of many DevOps professionals. It is a collaborative space, where all practitioners of the style can come together to create a reference for how to build up their own DevOps Kung fu, and teach others how to improve theirs.

You should start by watching the presentation, then come back here. If you agree with the fundamental principles, wish to practice our forms, and apply the style to your professional life, you can join our school by sending a pull request to this README file, and adding your name to the list of practitioners.

The slides are available online.

If you like most of what you see, but not all, or wish to emphasize different things about your style – but you agree on the same fundamental principles – you should fork this repository, remove the names of practitioners from this file, and found your own school of DevOps Kung fu. All we ask is that you please give attribution of your style as a derivative of Chef Style DevOps Kung fu.

What is DevOps?

A cultural and professional movement, focused on how we build and operate high velocity organizations, born from the experiences of its practitioners.

Elements of Personal Corporate Culture

Let’s try to be occupied with every task, not just one task (all tasks that are pending are active… there is no backlog). Let’s also do as much right away as possible. It’s a personal corporate culture. If a task is available, let’s perform it right away. Not schedule it, actually perform it. This is a part of my personal corporate culture.