Cold Lead Generation

How do you find startups that need project work? I posed this question to my brother in a phone conversation the other day. I said to him, tech crunch / crunch base comes to mind, and he said that the top earners on upwork and odesk and elancer are a good list of potential clients.

From my point of view, the interesting companies are those that are in high tech and just got the money to spend on R&D (research and development). Notably, tech crunch publishes lists of such companies.

From my brother’s point of view, remembering the days when he was a freelancer, his analysis was as follows. The majority of projects on elancer (or any freelance site) are <$100, or $100-$500. However, top earners pick the >$500 projects. And those projects are likely to run for months or years. And the clients who need such projects, are the interesting clients.

There is also cold calling, of course. Grab a yellow pages book and start looking at each company, one by one. I feel that I should try doing something like this, just to get experience with sales.

And with that, I saw a whole lot of companies to reach out to. So I think it’s not a tremendous problem finding the companies that need the services that we offer. It’s more important to maintain a good presence (online and in-person), and most importantly, offer relevant & competitive services.

Here are some lists of companies that may need tech, just for reference:

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