Elements of Corporate Culture

We are a small company with very little bureaucracy or politics going on. That said, we have some definite elements of corporate culture – we define our own corporate culture – that we like to follow to improve everyone’s productivity. Here is a simple list

  • Daily scrum meeting at 915am
  • Slack is our preferred method of communication, after face-to-face communication (our office workers are much more effective than the remote ones).
  • If you are late, announce it on the general chat.
  • We have the rotating Wizard status: it is a desk statuette that gets awarded temporarily to a member of the team for exceptional achievements.
  • We generally go out to eat as a team once every week.
  • We reserve environments during standup at the beginning of the day. We have the following environments: staging, production, dev1, dev2, dev3. We put on the dry erase board(s) who is working on which environment that day.

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